Halloween Kickoff 2013!!!!!

I know it’s a bit early  It’s never, I repeat, never! too early for Halloween. As this is my first time keeping an actual blog I will have to rely on this Holiday to attract visitors. This, will not be difficult for me because  HALLOWEEN!!!!! 

My first post for the official Halloween Kickoff is……..technically this one but, we won’t let that get in the way of pretending the initial post will come at a later time. Right?….Right? Right, so I can give you, gracious reader (who better know how to keep a secret!) a small sample of the article forthcoming. (I swear to God you better not tell anyone!)<!--more-->

Well, I was getting off of work at an uncommon hour; around 1AM; and I stopped by the newly opened Walgreen’s. This was actually my first visit to this freshly minted pharmacy, and I had been interested in visiting the establishment, but more importantly it was the only thing open.  Two birds. One Stone; which may or may not become my alter-ego’s Hip Hop persona. Anyhoo, I am getting off topic and you aren’t even reading anymore. So I heading out after first checking the toy section, which was very small, disheartening small, and the only Ninja Turtle figures they had were three Raph’s and an Ooze-Slingin’ Mikey, that is it.

As I began my slow, sluggish walk to the front counter with my arms heavy with two 2-liters of Coke Zero, I happened to pass the clearance section, and as I did my eyes (drooping from lack of faith in this new Walgreen’s) detected a group of small boxes. Upon further investigation it was discovered that these boxes were coffins. Hope began to build in these tired eyes of mine. With a trembling hand I reached out, to inspect this apparition, hoping desperately that it wasn’t a Monster High lip balm or a One Direction Spooky Hair Tie. No, it was neither of those other things, but it was eight small coffin boxes of S.L.U.G. Zombies! Eight boxes! Now, the next step was figuring out how many I could afford to buy.


Taking just one more look below my bounty, I found, to my enjoyment, these bad boys were a whopping 49 cents.

This is what you have in store for yourself when you come back. An unboxing, groundbreaking I know. Also, I have a very special guest that will be your guide as the coffins are ripped apart to expose the juicy parts.

Check back soon for….The rest of the story.

Also with Special Guest: Blade from the Puppet Master Series


Till nest time.


3 thoughts on “Halloween Kickoff 2013!!!!!

  1. Well, as I am trying to be supportive, whenever I click the “like” button I am told to enter my email and password which it does not recognize!! I am actually delighted that you are writing and being so creative, even though your tired old “old of it mother” only understands the Ace Duck/Ninja Turtle connection! I can just see you meandering lifeless through Walgreens and suddenly springing to life over the 49 cent coffins!! Keep posting! It’s helping to exercise my mind.
    You know who


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