Missed Chances (The Forgotten)

The things in life that turn out exactly how you want them to are fantastic. They can send a wave of relief washing over you and serve to lure you back a few paces from the edge.  For every triumphant soldier/post there are many fallen ones that couldn’t quite stand on their own.

However, if some of these wounded warriors band together they can also be triumphant.

Just beyond these words lie…some more words…words I assure you, mostly pertain to all the crap I was just talking about….with words.

Stuffed Wallets and Busted Ghosts:


I would have started this story with a brief background, I will do the same here.

St. Louis! A hell of a city. There’s no strip clubs, but if you go just over a bridge into the seedy part of a small town in Illinois you will find vacant lots and massage parlors and of course strip clubs. There is a strong Fallout 3 feel to it with the darkened parking lots and neon signs. (So I’ve heard anyway).

Anyway, St. Louis is where I found this ghostly fellow with the pseudo-jean vest, as well as a rather painful looking head injury. It was a pretty decent hotel. (Nothing like the time I was in a hotel with a hot tub adorned with what appeared to be blood stains, leading to and around the rim of the jacuzzi.)

I found this fella in a crane game in one of the hallways of the aforementioned hotel and decided his imprisonment should come to an end. His bail was two payments of 50¢. A worthy purchase at that price and no higher.

The real star here though, was the Ghostbuster scratch-offs. I had to. And as I surmised would be the case, I haven’t seen them since. Either way, there was no way I was leaving without at least one. They have the Ecto-1, Slimer and not to mention Stay Puft on them.


It was about to GO DOWN!, and I wasn’t afraid of no Ghost….buster scratch-offs.

Before I knew what was happening I had purchased the most scratch-offs I had ever purchased. It paid off.

For once.

I won $53!

Off of two tickets.

I would have been excited regardless, but coming out on top felt pretty sweet; and with such cool graphics, everything just lined up nicely.

Plus, a “busted ghost” come on how perfect is that?!?!?

A Taco Bell Breakfast:

IMG_20140410_084323_001Nice dumpster.

My impulsive nature and delusions of grandeur sometimes get me moving for a bit. Unfortunately, unless those fires of ingenuity are stoked consistently they fall off and crumble to pieces like so many forgotten cheese doodles under the couch.

If there was ever a restaurant that was designed to serve food at night and night only it would have to be Taco Bell. Yet somehow, they have turned the game on it’s ear trying to get my late night dinner business as well as the following morning’s breakfast.

Also, who would have ever thought that a mixture of bread, “meat”, and cheese would have you searching for the closest possible bathroom? These are things we accept and hand over our money without a thought. This is the Taco Bell Guarantee. Life progressed normally for many years.

Then the unexpected happened(I woke up early for this!!):

Taco bell for breakfast!!

Here are my findings.


Two waffle tacos, Cinnabon Delights, an AM Crunchwrap, and a coffee.

Lets go in a bit closer.

IMG_20140410_074245_224Ok, not bad. Cheese, eggs, bacon and inside of a waffle. It was…..good. The waffle was greasy and didn’t have much give. The bacon was chopped and almost like bacon jerky. I liked it. Nothing exciting though.

IMG_20140410_074458_934These guys.

IMG_20140410_074520_689Hee Hee. They just look funny.

But the real champion was this bad boy:

IMG_20140410_075559_125This was worth getting up early for.

IMG_20140410_075702_758Smaller than I expected. However, sometimes good things come in small packages, and this time it was definitely the truth.

IMG_20140410_075805_056Oh Hell yeah!! Sausage, eggs, cheese, and a fucking hash-brown! All in one, easy to eat/carry, and goddammit it just tastes good! On to the coffee.

IMG_20140410_080628_250It was adequate, not bad, but pretty normal and that isn’t a problem. It’s coffee and it gets the job done.

IMG_20140410_080615_496As I was taking the pictures the staff was whispering and looking at me the whole time. So I decided to take a picture of the front and left the sound on for them to hear it. Jerks take that!!

Overall, not bad and it’ll do pig.

My First Time(s):

“Fat, drunk and stupid is no way to go through life son.” Is a fantastic thing to remember….unless you find yourself in the presence of legendary eateries.

For example, if you have never been to a Jack in The Box, and God in all his wisdom puts your fat ass in front of one, it’s pretty much understood that you go in and see what all the hype is about. So I did.


Mmmmmmm. Unfortunately, I don’t have any pictures of the food. It was so amazing I didn’t even think about taking pictures I just devoured it all.


Just look all the choices. You can’t see them but they are there. Did you know they have 2 Tacos for $.99?!?!?!?!?!

Well, if you didn’t, they do. The burger was good but the fries were better and those tacos!!!!! I also liked the chicken sandwich I had.

I made more than one trip while I was in the area. Maybe this will help you understand the other reason why:

IMG_20131011_212802_261Sweet baby Jesus, they have breakfast all day and they are open all night long.

Waffle sandwich?

Don’t mind if I do!

All in all good trip, good food and good times were had for all.

Another amazing stop I made was at an older establishment, with a little bit of a different name than I remembered.

IMG_20140130_112515_626All of my cares were out the window as I walked in.

IMG_20140130_112405_687Look at him, getting so big<————————-Get it?

IMG_20140130_112433_451Oh man, its yumminess is leaking out already!!!!!!

IMG_20140130_112327_289Typical diner feel. The fries were awesome, but the burger was pretty simple. It was good overall and the wait was very short. Either way, it was awesome!

IMG_20140130_111722_501And this was out back of the restaurant. This place actually grills the burgers(not verified)

Randoms and Others:

This starfish.

IMG_20131102_150709_003Its pretty cool.

I mean………….I like it.IMG_20131102_174914_413 Chicago. Who cares?

IMG_20131029_201710_390This badly taken photo of a weird plant.

IMG_20131118_161409_448I drank this………strangely tasty with a really weird consistency like phlegm…..so I probably won’t have it again.

IMG_20131016_211150_382I just had to put this somewhere. A sassy elf who claims he can keep me “pumpin'”, come on this is important stuff people.


This little guy was somewhere I was shortly.


David Bowie in a deleted Labyrinth scene?

Who knows.

IMG_20131013_211346_446IMG_20131013_211334_713These were setup after a haunted house which was very scary. It was a museum/gift shop. Which is where I bought this:

IMG_20131013_223945_686Its OK to be  jealous. Seriously, it’s OK.

So that’s all the lost missions. Broken comrades, all banding together to create one epic, full-fledged and unstoppable team.

Thanks for reading!

And as I always say:

Until nest time!


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