The League!! Shelf Expression

shelf-expressionI must confess it has been a considerable amount of time since I have caught up with the league. Unfortunately, I have been absent from the game for period and am squeezing my way into the fray once again.

This edition from the League of Extraordinary Bloggers, is about showing who you are by showing off some of your shelves.

We will be exploring pretty much any flat surface that can hold something at my apartment. Hopefully, some connections will be made or you will think I am an insane person who desperately needs to be committed. Either way, here we go.

Starting y’all off easy with action figures.

IMG_20140605_140559_744Ninja turtles. Duh.

If you can’t tell I like Raph.

I will zoom in a bit for all the sections.

IMG_20140605_140648_928Got you some turtles from the new series. I haven’t really seen the new show( I do like the fact that Baxter is black and not a fly), but the figures are pretty bad ass. Got the four mean green teens, as well as a few compatriots: Metal Head( My favorite in the original run). Leather-head, splinter, and of course Baxter Stockman.

IMG_20140605_140712_673 Little brighter and a bit closer.

IMG_20140605_140723_133Very happy about them doing the giant turtles as well. Not as much articulation as his smaller accomplice, but its a giant ninja turtle. Nuff’ said.

IMG_20140605_140807_350Two Blades, One Cup. (Rim shot)

Blade, for anyone that doesn’t know is from a series called Puppet Master.

He is badass.

He is also covered in blood.

Moral of the story is:

Don’t mess with Blade!!!!


IMG_20140605_140815_423Here we have a few things. The Maxx, an ISZ, Buddha, and elephant with a ball, Mikey,and Raph’s head on a Duke Nukem bust.

Do you need more explanation?

The Maxx was an existential comic about a social worker who helps a lot of mentally damaged people. One of which is Maxx a purple suited, huge toothed, homeless guy that has spikes on the end of his hands. The ISZ are beings that exist in the subconscious called the outback. The TV show was a lot different the comic and if you really need more info, check somewhere else this ain’t Wikipedia.

Duke Nukem was/is the main character of a computer game with the same name.

He is also badass.


Little close up on Buddha and his pal.


Rat Fink!!! On top of a game of liars dice.

IMG_20140605_140844_263Here is my other Buddha.

He holds coins.

Oh, what else is that he is holding?

A ticket stub from seeing The Raid 2.

Speaking of The Raid 2, if you haven’t seen it you are wasting your life. It is single-handedly the most brutal Martial Arts movie ever. Ever!



Hey is that K-9 Tom Baker’s sidekick from the original run of Dr. Who?

Damn Skippy it is.

Also there is a snake and a turtle com just in case I need back up.IMG_20140607_163202_386Another nice shot of Buddha.

With a very dynamic pose from Robocop. Battle damaged.

Dead or alive, you are coming with me…………… the living room, where more treasures and shelves lie.

On to the movie shelves.

IMG_20140605_141927_503Ok Some good ones here.

There is one turned around backwards. I can’t for the life of me be sure of what it is.

Maybe the man with no name trilogy. Maybe Tim and Eric Awesome Show. Who knows.

You’ve got your Texas Chainsaw, your Kurosawa, your Fulci’s Zombie-featuring the most epic scene of eye gore since Salvador Dali in 1929.

Of course Mad Max. and some Ralph Bakshi, Holy grail, Dark City which you can barely see to the right.

IMG_20140605_141859_566Here are the only two anime titles I own. They are very good.

The real stars however, are the American Pop and Fire and Ice. American Pop is Ralph Bakshi’s awesome look at music from vaudeville all the way to punk and others. Fire and Ice is also Bakshi, but it features artwork and design from none other than the art world bad ass Frank Frazetta.

IMG_20140605_141841_818The weird one is Tim and Eric.

One of my favorite movies of all time is here. The Fifth Element. The best Punisher movie as well.

If you haven’t seen The Professional, it is important that you see it. Seriously.

IMG_20140605_141826_235More Kurosawa.

Crossroads——not Britney Spears jack ass. Just look it up. It’s the karate kid, playing the hell out of a guitar.

IMG_20140605_141812_612Here we have one of the crown jewels of my collection.

This movie is perfect.

Absolutely perfect.

Not to mention the kid in the beginning reminds me of me a whole hell of a lot.

Except the voice.

IMG_20140605_141729_236Just getting my self back into Batman. As I am sure you can tell.

Annnnnd more books:

IMG_20140605_141147_956Some MAD, some Shoe, lots of Calvin & Hobbes, The Far Side, Red Meat by Max Cannon, Frumpy the Clown, Hellraiser, Chas Addams, and CEREBUS (a barbarian aardvark, that becomes Pope, president, and so many other things).

IMG_20140605_141228_338Lot’s of Vaughn Bode, Turtles, some Heavy Metal magazine one-shots, R. Crumb, Gahan Wilson, Robert Williams, *cough* Wet and Wild *cough*.

One of my oldest books, The Star Wars Technical Journal, which was sold along with the magazines, back in the day.

Whelp, I guess that’s it from my current shelves.


Not burnt out on shelves and crap you can’t play with? Well then check out the rest of the members of the League, and all their shelving units.

The founder of the League has an “ape”ature only for Planet of the Apes this week.

I’ve gone ape.

Nerdy Life of Mine showcases his “Nerd-Base”.

This week’s assignment from the League: Shelf Expression

Revenge of the Toy Box shows off his very clean and neat prized collection of figures, dolls and books.

Stunt Zombies has a mishmash of genres, sizes and colors from G.I. Joe to Turtles with some Legos in the middle.

Goodwill Hunting 4 Geeks gives us a taste of of his findings.

The Midnight Monster Spookshow, scares us with the biggest collection of Universal Monsters we have ever seen.

Erik Johnson Illustrator has a very nice display of comic strips, regular books and other art collections.

Primordial Badger’s Media Hoard offers up some nice toys, DVDs, luck toads and a bird.

G.I. Jigsaw exposes his star wars collection, because apparently he wants to have it all stolen….just kidding

The Nerd Nook has some fine sealed figures and few other choice morsels of fun.

Wandering Mind has a small but composed collection for us.

AEIOU and sometimes Why has some nice books with a splash of collectables, and the Necronomicon (the real one by the “Mad Arab” Abdul Alhazred)

Nerd Lunch…….Wow. Everything from the A-team to the Muppets and some DVDs too.

The Neighborhood Archive has pretty much all of Mr. Rogers stuff like all of it…Give it back dude!!

Happy Haunted Sunshine House has some pretty cool stuff, namely Marvin the Martian probably my favorite Looney Toon.

Cool Stuff 55 has an awesome giant figure, that I want and I don’t even know who it is.

And finally Calvin’s Canadian Cave of Coolness is just showing off…..bastard.


Thanks for reading!

Until nest time,


2 thoughts on “The League!! Shelf Expression

  1. That’s a great assortment of movies. I can tell that you are into the same sort of flicks that I like for the most part, so I’m taking notes on what I need to look for, based on your collection. 😉


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