Gas Station Uniqueness Part Deux

Gas Station Uniqueness Part Deux


Back again with some more randomness that is impossible to care about, unless of course you are some sort of lunatic like me. I like gas stations and the strange things one might find there. Let’s take a peek:

Unique sodas:

Later I found out that these are in every Sheetz gas station I have ever been to. So jokes on me but still a pretty good collection of unique sodas.  Here are closeups of the most interesting:

IMG_20131016_214849_953Puma Kola. Which reminds me of Josta soda, which tasted how I imagine the water runoff from a freshly paved road would taste.

jostaIf this Puma Kola is anywhere close to the taste of Josta, then there is a reason I was able to get a picture of it.

IMG_20131016_214855_480This orange soda has a cow drinking an orange through a straw.

Because that’s how Sheetz rolls!!

Unique Candy/the bulk of this post:


OK, so if you are looking to chip your friend’s teeth, or maybe even your own, “Sucker Punch” is your port in the storm.

Sucker Punch’s Motto: Candy is already bad for your teeth, let’s skip the middleman and knock those bastards right out!

Next up to bat we have Snake Spray….it has an age limit on it (not a choking hazard an actual Ages 3+ warning) and directs the user to not spray this substance (which is most likely venom) directly in your eyes.

Snake Spray’s Motto: Buy something else!

Laser Pop?…..they must mean “Lame-zer” Pop.

IMG_20140129_140654_417i.C.U.: Cool, but only worth putting on here because oh their similarity to Roger from Pee Wee’s Playhouse:



Candy Foam: According to the packaging you are supposed to spray this foam on your face and not in your mouth. Strange stuff, but it does come in two flavors, if that makes it less strange.


Sour Spitter: If the idea of a hooligan spitting in your mouth sounds yummy or fun to you, then make sure you pick up Sour Spitter. The white-trashiest candy this side of the Mississippi!


Skool Bus:……….sigh


Slush Puppie: Convenience store slushies, in candy form. With a spray version to boot. Also Bubble Crush, a bubblegum flavored soda candy.


Lightning Bugs Gummy Candy: Quite possibly my favorite find. Radioactive Gummy Worms that can’t be handled with your bare hands. They come with a pair of tongs,(or tong as the packaging puts it) new and improved so who knows what the kids were dealing with prior to this.


Crazy Bull Bubble Gum Nuggets: Bootleg “redbull” bubblegum?…..Nuggets? So many questions. Why make it look like “redbull”? Why make them nuggets? (on second thought nuggets sound pretty cool(most likely because I’m hungry)).


Soda Can Fizzy Candy: Awesome. Pure awesome. At least these make sense for being in soda cans, they are flavored like soda! Also, they are fizzy!!!

Crash=Orange Crush


Loca Cola= Coca Cola

Splash=Generic Grape Soda


Caramel Popcorn shaped like corn on the cob. With instructions to microwave it? If this is a “Junior” I wonder what the “Senior” caramel cob of corn looks like. I assume it would resemble Popeye’s forearm. And I’m OK with that. We also have Lip Pops, literally pacifiers in the shape of famous things.

Of course I had to get a shot of the cow tales. Ropes of caramel, filled with vanilla cream. As dirty as it sounds the best part for me is getting the cream out of the tube.



Last but not least, what gas station visit would be complete without a trip to the bathroom? That’s where I saw this baby! For the low, low price of only 75 cents, you too can be a “Rough Rider”, a “Horny Goat”, or maybe you just wanna get your rocks off? With new “America Rocks” (Sold as novelty only) a stimulating tickler is only 75 pennies in the form of 3 quarters deposited simultaneously. With “America Rocks” you are guaranteed to give your significant other star-shaped nipples. It’s true because you can’t put falsities on a Men’s bathroom vending machine.

Until next time.



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