This Week on The League: Dinner Party!!!

This week we were asked to invite 5 guests(living, imaginary, or deceased) that I would find interesting to a tea Dinner party. Just deciding who I would invite poses the hardest part of this week’s post! After mulling it over and weeding out some of the sillier guests, I think I have come to firm-ish decision on the VIP List. In no particular order: Frank … Continue reading This Week on The League: Dinner Party!!!

The League!!! Pop Culture Road Trip

pop-culture-road-tripThis week the topic was where the nerd inside of you wants to go. This week it took me a bit of thinking to figure out where in the world I would go. Continue reading “The League!!! Pop Culture Road Trip”

League of Extraordinary Bloggers: My Watchlist

This is my first post under The League of Extraordinary Bloggers. This is a weekly blog collective run from a site called Cool and Collected, which is a really cool site that profiles toys, movies and other Geekery. Check them out! I am hoping to continue contributing with them and if you are interested in the site or other contributing blogs I will have a few … Continue reading League of Extraordinary Bloggers: My Watchlist

Zatoichi! Part 1/Preface

 (could contain spoilers) For close to a decade I have been somewhat obsessed with the Japanese perfection that is Zatoichi. If you have never had the scent of this intriguing and completely hair-brained concept waft under your nose, you Sir or Madam are utterly missing out on an important aspect of your life. Let’s get one thing straight before we move on: Zatoichi does not … Continue reading Zatoichi! Part 1/Preface