Gas Station Uniqueness Part Deux

Gas Station Uniqueness Part Deux   Back again with some more randomness that is impossible to care about, unless of course you are some sort of lunatic like me. I like gas stations and the strange things one might find there. Let’s take a peek: Unique sodas: Later I found out that these are in every Sheetz gas station I have ever been to. So … Continue reading Gas Station Uniqueness Part Deux

Walgreens and TMNT

A lovely little mix of crap that nobody would ever need but most sane people lunatics would want. I don’t go to Walgreen’s for anything except these 99 cent Arizona teas which are sometimes on sale for 50 cents each. This kind in particular if you must know. However, every once in a while they have toys or other random things that didn’t sell to expectations or the shelves need … Continue reading Walgreens and TMNT

This Week With The League: Hake’s Auction!!!


This is my first time hearing of this colossal Pop Culture & Americana auction. I must say I am extremely excited about all the items up for bid.

I have picked out a few of my favorites.

When I was younger, I used to go to a lot of Toy Fairs with my dad, and I’ve picked up old star wars figures, various cars and other random stuff. I also used to go to auctions and little sales that we could find as well. This Hake’s auction is a whole new beast. They have everything from concert posters to prototype action figures.

All the pics will be direct links to their appropriate auction webpage so you have no excuse to not start bidding!!!!

Also, Hake’s will pick a post from this week’s League assignment, and give that poster $100 dollars to spend on any auction they want! So that’s pretty damn cool.

Lets take a closer look at some of the better pieces:

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The League!!! Pop Culture Road Trip

pop-culture-road-tripThis week the topic was where the nerd inside of you wants to go. This week it took me a bit of thinking to figure out where in the world I would go. Continue reading “The League!!! Pop Culture Road Trip”

The League!! Shelf Expression

shelf-expressionI must confess it has been a considerable amount of time since I have caught up with the league. Unfortunately, I have been absent from the game for period and am squeezing my way into the fray once again.

This edition from the League of Extraordinary Bloggers, is about showing who you are by showing off some of your shelves.

We will be exploring pretty much any flat surface that can hold something at my apartment. Hopefully, some connections will be made or you will think I am an insane person who desperately needs to be committed. Either way, here we go.

Starting y’all off easy with action figures.

IMG_20140605_140559_744 Continue reading “The League!! Shelf Expression”

Missed Chances (The Forgotten)

The things in life that turn out exactly how you want them to are fantastic. They can send a wave of relief washing over you and serve to lure you back a few paces from the edge.  For every triumphant soldier/post there are many fallen ones that couldn’t quite stand on their own. However, if some of these wounded warriors band together they can also … Continue reading Missed Chances (The Forgotten)

League of Extraordinary Bloggers-Christmas Memories

Once again its time for The League of Extraordinary Bloggers weekly article. This marks my second post with the league, and this time it’s all about my favorite Christmas memory. I have a few strong memories about the magical Christmas morning, but the one that stands out the most involves my site’s namesake. I’ll get to that in a minute. First, I need to give … Continue reading League of Extraordinary Bloggers-Christmas Memories

It’s Almost Christmas….Time to do The HALLOWEEN UPDATE!!

I would like to apologize (to anyone that cares) for the tardiness of this post. I have for the majority of my life, been very much on time, for everything…unfortunately everyone else seems to have a different scope of time than I do. Constantly throughout my life I have been subjected to dialogues such as this: Inquisitor: “I wanted that assignment on the 5th.” Me: … Continue reading It’s Almost Christmas….Time to do The HALLOWEEN UPDATE!!

Halloween Kickoff 2013!!!!!

I know it’s a bit early  It’s never, I repeat, never! too early for Halloween. As this is my first time keeping an actual blog I will have to rely on this Holiday to attract visitors. This, will not be difficult for me because  HALLOWEEN!!!!!  My first post for the official Halloween Kickoff is……..technically this one but, we won’t let that get in the way of pretending the … Continue reading Halloween Kickoff 2013!!!!!