Gas Station Uniqueness IV: Tooth Decay

Once again I return to pummel an equid carcass. See? Just use 10 cent words and no one notices all I do is go to gas stations. Either way here we go again. Strap in this one has been a long time coming and it’s absolutely riddled with gas station goodness. First stop: Pretty big and hard to miss from the highway, this epic convenience … Continue reading Gas Station Uniqueness IV: Tooth Decay

Gas Station Uniqueness Part III: Return To The Restroom!

Here we are again, yet another trip to gas station nirvana. Throughout my travels I stop at many “Quik Shops”, “GAS-N-GOs”, “Chicken Men”, and so forth. Most of the time these places are fairly “cookie-cutter” with very few surprises. “Oh look another 7-11….”, But sometimes, SOMETIMES, the Gods of Randomness shine on me and place insanely unique gems along the road. This series of posts are … Continue reading Gas Station Uniqueness Part III: Return To The Restroom!

This Week on the League: Cryptozoology!!

I have been absent for a few weeks, I was trying to jump on the last two weeks topics, but unfortunately time got the better of me. I saw the topic and I knew I had to force myself to get it done because this is another one of my favorite things. Cryptids. If you don’t know about Cryptozoology (Loosely translated: Crazy People Looking For … Continue reading This Week on the League: Cryptozoology!!

The League!!! Pop Culture Road Trip

pop-culture-road-tripThis week the topic was where the nerd inside of you wants to go. This week it took me a bit of thinking to figure out where in the world I would go. Continue reading “The League!!! Pop Culture Road Trip”

Missed Chances (The Forgotten)

The things in life that turn out exactly how you want them to are fantastic. They can send a wave of relief washing over you and serve to lure you back a few paces from the edge.  For every triumphant soldier/post there are many fallen ones that couldn’t quite stand on their own. However, if some of these wounded warriors band together they can also … Continue reading Missed Chances (The Forgotten)

Gas Station Uniqueness

I have traveled to several states around the country in the South and the Midwest as well as the East coast. And in those travels (aside from all the general prettiness of the landmarks and other fantastic sites that are available to be taken in), there are places that seem overlooked or disregarded. These poor dregs are the red-headed stepchildren (so-to-speak) of the tourist trade. … Continue reading Gas Station Uniqueness

Travel Diary #2953: Ames, Iowa!

There isn’t much to say about Ames, Iowa…Except, that towns that are sleepy, sparse, and quaint often yield the fullest harvests. A stuck-up traveler might overlook some of the more hidden gems in a secluded little area like this, in favor of a chocolate “shoppe” or an overpriced craft store consisting of “found art” or even worse abstract expressionist paintings *shudders*. My first stop was … Continue reading Travel Diary #2953: Ames, Iowa!

How to Waste Time in Hotels (Starring me)

There isn’t much to do in Indiana, at least not where I was. So, I took to a more creative expression of energy; practicing my signature. As I already have a signature I have used since I was young, this exercise was more masturbatory than purposeful. After a few hours, I was surprised to find this task more tedious than previously anticipated. Another activity must … Continue reading How to Waste Time in Hotels (Starring me)