Loose Change Reviews


Here’s how this works:

I show a movie poster or TV series picture, then you click on it and I’ll show what I thought of it based on a monetary scale.

$0.00-$1.00 to be exact.

That way I can be a unique voice online and provide movie reviews.

Concerned Citizen: “But Hank, no one has ever thought to provide other users of the interwebs with critiques of movies and TV shows!”

Me: “I know, I know, but there comes a time when a person needs to shake up the system. This is done by striking a nail into the heart of the powers that be.”

Concerned Citizen: “Geez, that’s a bit extreme. They are just movies.”

Me: “Heroes are remembered, but legends never die.”

Concerned Citizen: “Wow, that’s deep.”

Me: *quietly snickers*





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