Loose Change Reviews: The Sandlot


Here’s how this works:

I will divvy up some loose change to make a monetary grade of selected movies

$0.00-$1.00 to be exact.


Loose Change For The Sandlot adds up to:


The Break down:

Memorability: $0.10

Awesome Music: $0.05

Playing Ball Like A Girl: $0.05

That Fucking Hat: $0.10

Ruining a Parent’s Prized Possession: $0.05

Trying To Fix Said Prized Possession: $0.05

The Sultan Of Swat: $0.05

James Earl Jones: $0.10

Black & White Flashback That Shows How Little Kids Know: $0.10

Rube Goldberg Ball-fetcher $0.10

Evil Puppet Dog: $0.10

Chaw: $0.05

Wendy Peffercorn: $0.10


Final Score: $1.00



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