Expression in the vacuum of humanity

A freak, some would call me. A travesty of nature. Is it so hard to believe that a  walking, talking, anthropomorphic duck could exist in this modern coil of life?….  Of course it is. Which is why I must hide beneath the cowl of the internet. So as not to betray the simple concept of reality the rabbles of “Mankind” so viciously cling to; As my constituents, the Ninja Turtles have experienced since their “birth” into this Faux-modern age of misunderstandings and sheepishness.


Basically, this is my place to promote antisemitism, thievery, hipsterism (get it?) any ideas I see as worthwhile. Also, I am a fan of slightly obscure art, films, animation that is not anime, good music and of course Ninja Turtles.

So please enjoy I am hoping to update at least once a month perhaps more.

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