Pretentious Crap…

No Filters, Except the B&W

Taken With a Droid Razr Maxx HD

In Missouri

IMG_20130603_172334_388 - Copy IMG_20130603_200106_832 - CopyIMG_20130603_200140_064 - CopyIMG_20130604_123035_948 - Copy IMG_20130603_200120_673 - Copy IMG_20130603_200114_698 - Copy IMG_20130603_200110_018 - Copy IMG_20130605_143027_852 - Copy IMG_20130605_143225_269 - Copy IMG_20130605_143219_155 - Copy IMG_20130605_143525_227 - Copy IMG_20130605_143249_125 - Copy IMG_20130605_143236_540 - Copy IMG_20130605_143230_252 - Copy IMG_20130605_144048_449 - Copy IMG_20130605_150150_142 - Copy IMG_20130603_200125_784 - Copy

Maybe more later…

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