Loose Change Reviews: Lucio Fulci’s Zombie

zombi_2_poster_01Here’s how this works:

I will divvy up some loose change to make a monetary grade of selected movies

$0.00-$1.00 to be exact.

Seeing as Halloween is inching towards us it seems only fitting that I make at least one attempt at capturing the holiday spirit……get it! This also marks my return to the Pop Culture League(formerly The League of Extraordinary Bloggers) popcultureleague-logo-big

This movie changed the game for me when it comes to zombies. Yes, of course Barbara is important, as are bikers chopping up zombies who have infested a shopping mall and not to forget that lovable Tar-man! All these are truly exquisite chunks of zombie lore. However, Lucio Fulci took the genre in a direction that has stood the test of time with some of the best makeup and effects you could hope for, let alone achieve. I stumbled upon this gem in the now  mostly defunct Saturday Matinee store, back when VHS was still a readily available medium. Little did I know my life had been changed forever. Without further ado, here is the Loose Change Review of Lucio Fulci’s Zombie.


Loose Change for Zombie adds up to:


The Breakdown:

Lucio Fulci Film: $.05

Banned in Several Countries: $.05

“Unofficial Sequel” to Dawn of The Dead: $.05

Nudity: $.05

Conquistador Zombies: $.05

Awesome Theme Music: $.05

Barf Bags Were Handed-out in Theaters: $.05

Amazing Eye Gouge Scene(Some of the best gore ever): $:.20

Underwater Fight Scene Zombie vs Shark(yes you read that correctly): $.45

One freshly minted, crisp, national debt scented US Dollar!

For your frame of reference here are some pictures you may enjoy. The second picture is rather graphic so you were warned I guess.


Mmmmm look at that tasty preview!!! I wouldn’t dare spoil the whole fight scene for you! However, here is a link to the clip on Youtube.


Jesus! I still can’t get over how amazing these FX are!!


The original Italian Poster and Title


The slow rise of the cover star. Click this picture to hear the simple yet frightening Theme for this movie.

Thank you for reading/watching.


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That is all.


Until next time


2 thoughts on “Loose Change Reviews: Lucio Fulci’s Zombie

  1. I’m insane! I’m actually watching the second “warning deserved” scene in il Youtube!! (and the rest of Lucio Fulci’s Zombie moments).
    I prefer classic zombies, as long as they move slow they give a better feel of an animated decaying corpse. A zombie that can run and move normally makes me think on the actor under the make up, not the zombie character 😦
    (you know… rigor mortis…)


    1. Haha yeah no kidding! Oh yeah these special effects are so good!!! I Truly love this movie. I know what you mean about the slow zombies, they are far better than the fast ones for sure!


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