The League!!! Look What I Made!


Another week and another League post.

What I made was: IMG_20140615_141702_785Pizza.

I know what you’re thinking: “Hey this is a joke, he’s not proud of cooking a frozen pizza?”

Yes he is dammit!

I have my reasons, and I will tell you them. In the style of a children’s story.


My name is Hank.

I live in a crappy apartment.

That crappy apartment, has a crappy stove.

The crappy stove has a crappy oven.

The crappy oven doesn’t work.

So when I try to cook a crappy pizza,

the crappy pizza is always cold.

Then one day I had a less than crappy idea.

So, I went to my crappy kitchen

I grabbed my crappy frying pan,

and put the crappy pizza in the crappy frying pan.


I cooked it and cooked it and as it got warm,

the bottom of the crappy pizza got brown,

Wait! I can not let it burn!

IMG_20140615_142342_769I scooped it and flipped it,

and before I knew

IMG_20140615_142529_376that crappy pizza turned into something good.

The edges were crisp,

the bottom was brown,

the cheese was all melted,

and my doubt turned around.

The pizza was perfect,

the smell was so great,

that i barely could wait

till it got to the plate.

IMG_20140615_142806_432The End

Yes, I know it’s brilliant.

The other part of this post is about the memes that I created to infuriate a lady-friend after she doubted the influence and importance of Frying Pan Pizza.

Her: “Why don’t you just move?”

Me: “Well then I wouldn’t have discovered the tremendous power to blend unconventional items in a kitchen in conventional ways.”

Showed her.

Now it’s time to drive home the point, because everybody knows beating a joke into the ground until its nothing more than a bloody pulp is a great way to impress a woman.

Here is my insanity:ZomboDroid01062014100112

Omg goose

Lawyer Dog

Jedi Mind Tricks

Insanity Crow




Sudden Clarity Clarence

I left her alone for awhile. Then I had another vision.



These are things I made.

I’m impressed/sad you made it this far. Honestly.

Here are some more folks from the league who took the time to make something. You should check them all out.

ZomboDroid13052014035159OK, all done for real.


Brian the League founder finds the time to build a display for his alien.

Kenner Alien figure stand diorama

Over at G.I. Jigsaw we find out how to create a prototype

Pop Rewind makes us feel uneasy using his bathroom

Look What I Made: Ghostbusters Painting Edition

At Toyriffic our childhood toys are exposed to laughing gas.

Monster Cafe treats us to homemade play-sets that any kid/adult would fight over.

AEIOU and Sometimes WHY shows of the effort they put in developing an entire universe

Retro Robot Review….that crazy sumbitch built his own Pac-Man game.

Look what I made – A League of Extraordinary Bloggers Assignment

You got broken old toys? Jathman Restomolds will fix them

D.I. Treasures….LEGOs nuff said

Nerdy Life of Mine has some epic Art check it out

This Week’s Assignment From The League: “Look what I made!”

Well that’s it. Till next time.


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