Walgreens and TMNT

Walgreensturtles A lovely little mix of crap that nobody would ever need but most sane people lunatics would want. I don’t go to Walgreen’s for anything except these 99 cent Arizona teas which are sometimes on sale for 50 cents each. This kind in particular if you must know.

IMG_20130924_213944_199 - CopyHowever, every once in a while they have toys or other random things that didn’t sell to expectations or the shelves need to be cleared to make room for newer stuff. These unloved/last season toys or products are marked down and made affordable to people like me. So in the coming weeks here are a few Ninja Turtles toys from the summer that may or may not become affordable for lower level cretins such as myself.

Sidewalk Chalk:

IMG_20140618_205257_908Chalk with holders shaped like your favorite turtle’s weapon of choice. I can’t imagine Walgreen’s selling many of these in November or other winterish months. So I look forward to buying them for anywhere from $.50-$1 each.

Swim ring:IMG_20140714_180421_921Pretty self explanatory here.

“Contains 1 Swim ring” Also, they provided some instructions: “Splash Around!”Holy Post Apocalypse Batman, this swim ring comes with a repair kit!!!

SprinklerIMG_20140702_225750_526   This has been available since last year for sure, so that might be ripe for picking on clearance soon.

Kickboard:IMG_20140702_225735_468 Whatever the hell that is. Do they mean boogie board? Either way its made for the water. Not to mention it costs about two pennies to manufacture. so these can definitely go down in price.

Water SquirterIMG_20140714_180509_326

“Easy to fill” and easy to sell at a dollar store. Two dollars is a little bit steep. If Walgreen’s allowed haggling I would most likely get it down to at least a dollar-fifty. I’m hypothetically good like that.

Inflatable TMNT Chair:

IMG_20140709_202130_707If I could fit in it I would own it.

Tmnt Bop Balloons:IMG_20140714_180330_101

Yeah, if they get slapped with that orange and white clearance sticker…That’s a purchase!

TMNT Ball Hopper:


Just the idea of sitting on this toy makes me think about poor Piggy and his damnable Ass-Mar.

TMNT Bubbles!!:IMG_20140630_090216_067

Um, I should just go ahead and get all these. Yeah that is exactly what needs to happen.

TMNT…Flying Disc:

IMG_20140618_205320_574  Oh, if it’s a “Deluxe” Flying Disc that changes everything.

TMNT Coloring Book:   IMG_20140618_205637_922

What are you talking about? It’s not weird at all for a grown ass man with no kids to buy coloring books. Weirdo.

TMNT Flashlight Projector:

IMG_20140618_205628_723  Don’t pretend the 8-year-old in you doesn’t want this. Liars!! Buy 2 get 1 free!!! Get the hell out of here….oh wait, batteries not included?!? There is always a catch.

Classic TMNT Pilows!!!:

IMG_20140618_205512_933 Official Ninja Sleep Tool!!!

TMNT Wibbly Buddies??: IMG_20140618_205359_960

Yeah, I have no idea either.

Flashing TMNT Cup:

IMG_20140630_090451_783 Even though I know for sure I have no use for a flashing cup, I can’t help but try to rationalize it in my head. I hope I never see it again, because I don’t think I’m strong enough to pass it up again.

TMNT EVA Lamp:    IMG_20140630_090259_661Indoor Use Only, yeah like I would let anyone else see it lit up.

TMNT Children’s Patio Chair:IMG_20140714_180621_413Coming to a trailer park near you!

Bonus non-Walgreens TMNT and others:

IMG_20140707_212804_547 Wow, Patrick, Sponge Bob, and Raphael piggy banks, my heart skipped a beat. How ironic, not enough money to buy a piggy bank. Or more specifically all of them. I didn’t have the heart to split them up, they looked to happy together:


What a minute whats this?

IMG_20140707_212828_004He has Sais.

Sais that he couldn’t reach let alone use properly. Is this what people call “cute”? If it is, I need all of the so-called “cute” that is available in the entire world.


Until next time,


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